Feedback from Our Clients…

“I contacted Greg Halcomb for estate planning information and documents. Greg is personable, knowledgeable, professional, thorough, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Greg Halcomb to anyone looking for help with estate planning and the documents needed”



“I highly recommend Halcomb Singler. My husband and I have used Greg Halcomb several times in the past. He did our wills for us as well as a few business related items. Greg is wonderful to work with. He has a calm, professional demeanor and is a good listener. He answers all of our questions and also asks about things that never occurred to us, which in my opinion, is very important when working with a lawyer. Greg is thorough and responsive via both email and phone. He makes us feel like he has time for us and that we are valued as clients. All in all, Greg really cares and I highly recommend Halcomb Singler!”

Melanie R.


“Greg is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgable and thorough. I’ve had the opportunity to have a front row seat when he helped my own mother and two of my clients. I highly recommmend Halcomb Singler for all of your wills, trusts, and estate planning needs”

Ryan T


“Mr. Halcomb is a great attorney who cares about what is best for you and your family in his area of expertise. And beyond that, he is a tremendous human being!”

Kevin M


Greg is highly professional, knowledgeable and personable. He was a pleasure to work with and always accessible for any questions we had. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great lawyer for estate planning!

Brooke R


He helped us with the bond process and navigated us through the myraid of paperwork involved in the entire process. Thanks to his professionalism, and availing himself to us at all times, he made a very stressful, complicated and demanding process easily manageable. The estate closed in March, 2012 without a hitch! As I said many times before, thanks again, Greg for all that you did. I strongly recommend anyone with estate dilemma to contact Greg, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed! I consider Greg now a friend for life rather than an attorney who worked for me!!”

“All my inquiries and questions were answered in a timely manner. with great integrity my attorney gave the most effective guidance and direction of the whole process of the suit. Everything within my attorney’s control was handled in a very professional manner. I would recommend them to my closest friends and family.”

“Halcomb Singler is an outstanding law firm with attorneys who really care about their clients. I would DEFINITELY go back to them again!”