We listen.

Every family is different, and every client has a unique set of goals and priorities for their estate plan. At Halcomb Singler, we take the time to listen to your questions and concerns, and use the valuable information we gather from you to custom-build your estate plan with documents tailored to your individual needs.

We’re flexible.

Because every family situation is different, and because every client has a different set of assets, there is no “one-size-fits-all” estate plan. There’s an old axiom that when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.  At Halcomb Singler, we have many tools in our estate planning toolbox, so that we are able to address your unique situation with the appropriate tools. We understand that not every client needs the same kind of estate plan.  For example, while trusts are a great estate planning tool that we frequently use, not everyone needs a trust, and we are willing to employ other tools and strategies for those clients.

We’re not in the business of “selling” you an estate plan. 

You come to us for advice, not to be sold something.  We approach estate planning as an educational process.  We don’t just tell you, “You need a trust,” but rather we try to teach you what you need and want to know about estate planning and then allow you to make an educated decision about what you want your estate plan to entail.  We believe that you’ll be able to make better decisions regarding your plans for your assets and your family, and you’ll feel much more confident in those decisions if you’re armed with the proper knowledge and information.

Our fees are reasonable and quoted upfront.

Once we have educated you about the estate planning process, discussed your unique situation and discovered your goals and priorities, we can make a determination as to what legal services will be required to achieve those goals, and we can quote a flat fee for the performance of those legal services.  Usually, we can make that determination and quote a flat fee after our first meeting, at which point you can elect whether to retain us to move forward with the project.  We do estate planning work on a flat-fee basis because we want you to be able to know upfront what the total costs will be, and not to be worried about the time we are spending with you costing you more money. If you’re not worried about being billed for our time spent on an hourly basis, then you’re more likely to ask questions, take an active role in decision making, and generally be a more confident and well-informed client.  That creates better estate plans and happier clients.   There is no risk involved in having that first meeting with us, and even if you elect not to use our services to move forward you will certainly leave knowing more about estate planning and the law than you did before.


Please contact us If you’d like to schedule a free consultation to talk with us about your estate plan.  We’re always happy to help, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with you to help realize your estate planning goals.