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Practice Areas

Family Estate Planning

Our practice understands the complexities of how the estate intertwines with all aspects of the family. We take great care to protect the assets of the family, minimize tax exposure, assist in short and long term planning of how the properties and family members co-exist in today’s legal matrix. At Halcomb Singler, our primary focus is to ensure the best possible outcome of your estate through detailed and thoughtful planning.

Farm Succession Planning

The art of farming goes well beyond the skill of managing the land. For generations, the farmer, the landowner, has undertaken the tasks of trying to ensure the longevity of their property and the legal complexities have become so difficult to maneuver without a skilled legal professional that has direct experience. At Halcomb Singler, we know how important it is to protect the integrity of tradition. We’ve worked closely with many farm communities, guiding them to a successful succession planning strategy that helps ensure financial protections and longterm asset control.

Real Estate

The single most expensive investment most people make are in real estate. Protecting that valuable asset begins with a law firm like Halcomb Singler. Real estate can be intermixed into taxes, liabilities, assets, trusts, wills and so much more which is why having a professional legal firm representing your needs puts you and those around you in a better position for the future. Evaluating transaction or land deed contracts to managing property, protecting your assets and well being starts well before the purchase of real estate.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement enables each party in a marriage to acknowledge the separate property of the other. Prenuptial  agreements are frequently used in situations where one or both of the parties have significant or complex financial assets, or to protect the prospective inheritances of children from previous marriages. We believe a prenuptial agreement can remove potential areas of conflict and clearly spell out the rights and obligations of the parties. These agreements can also act in concert with a carefully drafted estate plan to save your time and money on potential future attorney fees. 

Estate Administration/Probate

The estate administration process is more than just management of a procedural checklist. At Halcomb Singler, we are experienced in helping navigate the unique interpersonal dynamics of estate administration, while ensuring that all statutory legal and probate requirements are fufilled for a successful transition of inheritance. 

Trusts & Wills

Having a local legal professional to assist in setting up your trust or will can be critical to navigating the future of your assets, regardless whether you own a little or a lot. Because every locality has its own legal requirements, above the state and federal laws, Halcomb Singler is focused on understanding your specific objectives. It may be portrayed that setting up a trust or will is like “plug & play”, but at Halcomb Singler we take a more creative approach by getting to know you first. That becomes the foundation to setting up the right will or trust that can flex with you and your families needs throughout your life.

Business & Corporate Services

We also provide full-service business counseling for entrepreneurs and other client companies, advancing our client’s objectives through practical legal advice. We work with companies past the initial formation, on an continuing basis, often serving as general counsel throughout the relationship. In these valuable relationships, we are side-by-side with our clients every step of the way, from choosing the appropriate business entity, organization and structure, and providing advice and guidance on specific transactions.


A guardianship is a legal proceeding brought before a probate court in which a guardian is appointed to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated person or minor, also referred to as a ward. A guardian can be either an individual or an institution, appointed by the court to care for a ward, the ward’s assets, or both. Guardianship practices include

  • Representing individuals who wish to assume guardianship responsibilities, or appointing guardians for individuals who cannot take care of themselves due to mental as well as physical reasons
  • Appointing guardians for children who are no longer in their parents’ care for any number of reasons, such as a physical illness, death, military deployment, drug or alcohol problems, or child neglect

Greg Halcomb


Originally from Versailles, Indiana, Greg Halcomb moved to Indianapolis to attend Butler University and has lived in the Indianapolis area ever since. Greg attended law school at the Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis, and is admitted to practice law before the US. District Court, Southern District of Indiana and Indiana State Courts.  

“Having unique experience in Estate and Farm Succession Planning, I’ve taken on the task of making complex legal roads easier to navigate. My mission is to act as your legal guide in navigating your life’s goals and laying the groundwork for maintaining your assets well after”.

“Greg is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgable and thorough. I’ve had the opportunity to have a front row seat when he helped my own mother and two of my clients. I highly recommmend Halcomb Singler for all of your wills, trusts, and estate planning needs.”

Ryan T. – 2020

“Mr. Halcomb is a great attorney who cares about what is best for you and your family in his area of expertise. And beyond that, he is a tremendous human being!”

Kevin M. – 2020

“If you are in need of a good law firm, call Halcomb Singler. They are professional and very conscientious. When it comes to legal matters, you want the best and you can trust the Greg and Erika along with the staff of Halcomb Singler.”

Jeff F. – 2017

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